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Our Paint Finish

With an eclectic collection of our own paint colours to choose from or opting for our bespoke colour match, it has never been easier to stamp your vision on your personalised kitchen.
We pride ourselves on our flexibility and the ability to create bespoke kitchens with your unique flair in mind. Your kitchen can mix painted fronts with other finishes for a striking contrast, or multiple colours can be used to emphasises certain cabinetry and sections of the space. The choice truly is yours!

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Our painted kitchens are bought to life in our impressive industrial sprayline, resulting in a stunning painted finish that is one of the most durable in the industry. Each panel is sprayed with water-based PU paint mixed with hardener and then dried as it makes its way around the sprayline, passing through different temperatures and under UV lighting in order to cure it. These are then left to dry for 24 hours, before a second coat is applied.

As of 1st June 2020, every single painted and clear lacquered item we manufacture, now includes an antibacterial additive at no extra cost. Working closely with our paint supplier, we have made sure this ingredient works well with both our clients and products, so that you cannot even tell it is there. Formulated from Silver Oxide, when bacteria or germs are exposed to the silver ions, they will be reduced by 99.9% in just 24 hours. Transforming our painted products into a formidable barrier against hygiene enemies, the antibacterial qualities will not evaporate or alter over time and will continue to be effective long into the future. Find out more in our antibacterial paint finish blog.

We have a range of 30 glorious and on-trend colours, all inspired by the spectacular Norfolk countryside that surrounds our showroom and worktop. Click the button below to explore the shades and paint samples can be ordered here.
Additionally, if you have your heart set on a particular colour that is not in our own range, we do also offer a bespoke colour matching service.

Kitchen Innovation
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