Iroko Super Stave Sample

Iroko is from the west coast of tropical Africa and is a very durable wood. Its grain is sharp, dark and irregular, which gives it a rustic appearance; Iroko is commonly used for flooring and domestic furniture and it has a naturally high oil content; this makes it easier to maintain within the house when it comes to re-oiling and keeping out moisture. After being freshly oiled Iroko worktops possess a golden shimmering tone which darkens over time to a rich darker brown colour.

Norfolk Oak offers 3 treating options for their worktops, you can order your sample with one of the following:

  • Untreated - Norfolk Oak recommend oiling the worktop on site if your select this opton.
  • Pre-Oiled - The worktop is oiled before being sent out to you.
  • Nano Coating - This is a durable coating applied to your worktop, to find out more please visit Norfolk Oak's Information Page

For more information about this type of Worktop, and the finishing options, please visit Norfolk oak.

Order a sample to see the quality of our worktops for yourself.

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