Naked Kitchens are built for a sustainable life. We go to extreme lengths to cut carbon and to source materials responsibly, and we're in a league of our own when it comes to eliminating waste.

That's not corporate greenwashing or easy marketing-speak: we take this stuff very seriously and we don't compromise on it.


We only use sustainable timber
and eco-friendly materials

All of Naked Kitchens' timber is environmentally-friendly and sustainably sourced. We don't compromise on that, and many of our customers choose us specifically for this reason.

We use a very special type of water-based PU paint for our doors, which is very environmentally friendly and provides the most durable finish in the industry.

2. We build everything right here in
our Norfolk workshop

Some kitchen suppliers source cabinetry from factories around the world, have it shipped thousands of miles to their warehouse and then sell it on as their own. But we build all of our cabinets and worktops by hand right here in our wonderful repurposed RAF aircraft hangar.

Our Norfolk workshop makes Naked Kitchens unique - and it means seriously high quality products with seriously low miles and a low carbon footprint.


Our manufacturing processes are massively over-optimised to eliminate waste.

As a family, we're obsessed with manufacturing efficiency. We have made huge investments in industry-leading technology to achieve this and we constantly review every tiny aspect of every single process to see where we can do better.

We value every drop of paint, maximise the number of pieces we get from each panel, and reuse or repurpose all the leftover bits (including the sawdust). You can find out more detail about this on our blog.


We've replaced all our fossil fuel heating with biomass boilers

The Naked Kitchens aircraft hangar home is over 90,000 square feet, so it hasn't been easy to eliminate fossil fuels from our heating - but we've done it. Our secret has been to create an internal 'circular' heating system, using timber offcuts and sawdust to feed biomass boilers.

We actually began doing this back in 2015, when we introduced two biomass boilers to provide the heating for our offices, showrooms and parts of our workshops. Then in 2022 we replaced all of our remaining fossil fuel heating with an enormous fully-automated, super-efficient biomass boiler which utilises every single wood offcut and is fitted with a ceramic flue filter to eliminate any harmful emissions.


We build sustainability into our designs

Building a sustainable kitchen isn't just about the materials and the manufacturing: the design matters too.

When we help customers design a kitchen, we're conscious of building sustainability into the process, and seemingly small decisions can have a big impact. We're keen on biophilic designs, which make use of exposed wood and showcase the raw beauty of natural materials.


Our kitchens are built for life

We spend a ridiculous amount of time stress-testing our kitchens for quality and durability. We know that kitchens aren't just for pretty showrooms.

So we make sure they're bomb-proof, mess-proof and can handle everything that real life throws at them.

Naked Kitchens are designed to last and built for life.

At Naked Kitchens, we take sustainability seriously. We are trying to do everything we can to cut waste and carbon emissions, and to be responsible in our sourcing. But we know there's always more we can do and we are always open to new ideas. Please do get in touch if you think you can help us do even better.

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