Tray Housing Cabinet

The Open Tray Housing Cabinet is an interesting addition to a kitchen and is an easy way to create efficient storage for trays and other items that would otherwise get in the way. The tray housing Cabinet is beautiful as a feature base cabinet and adds an eye-catching element to a kitchen.

Available with solid oak or walnut tray, this cabinet looks fantastic in any kitchen style.

Product details

Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Paint Finish
Cabinet Finish
End Panel (Left)
End Panel (Right)
Frame Type
Guarantee 18-24mm (depending on style)
Cabinet Width Includes 100mm feet
Cabinet Height 18mm
Cabinet Depth Includes door frame thickness
Assembly Excludes end panel thickness
Hinge Holes End Panels - Vertical
Hinges Pre-assembled for easy installation
Plinth 100mm heigh plinth included
Feet Supplied at cabinet height, 20mm is added to depth for scribing on site.
Please order your end panel seperately if you require addional height/depth.
Panel / Accessory Thickness 10 years
Carcass Thickness We colour match our paint to any colour of your choice. Whilst every effort is made to get a very good match, slight variations in sheen and material may result in slight visible variation of colour.
Shelves Verticals: 22mm
Horizontals: 44mm
Back Void adjustable +18mm up and -10mm down
Grain Direction Solid Hardwood
Paint Colour 30mm
Kitchens Standard Delivery Time: 10 - 12 weeks   
Kitchens Delivery Pricing
Doors Standard Delivery Time: 6 - 8 weeks
(Delivery times may vary depending on production volume)   
Doors Delivery Pricing
Mandarin Stone
Kew Penthouse
Westbourne Gardens
Beach House
Long Acre
Royal Mile
North Castle

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