The Redhill Kitchen

The Redhill Kitchen is a refreshingly unique take on a contemporary kitchen. With no inhibitions in this design, there is no doubt that this kitchen really allowed us to open our minds and embrace new design features. An unrestricted colour palette creates an electric atmosphere in this compact kitchen, and re-invents the family kitchen, ensuring all space is utilised in this compact room. Minimal Cabinetry- Due to the compact nature of this kitchen, only a small amount of bespoke cabinetry was needed for this room. In order to really make the minimal cabinetry stand out, the clients requested small additional details that really help tie the whole kitchen together. These details include coloured backing for the handle-less detail to match the opposite side of the room. The bright colouring of the room and the minimal amount of cabinetry actually helps the room to feel open and spacious despite the small size. Statement Flooring- An element that is set to be very on trend in 2018, statement flooring is quickly gaining popularity as one of the most important features of a room. Whether its a beautiful limed oak or a dark walnut, we think flooring is a vital element to completing your kitchen. A more natural choice is what many will choose for their home, but with this kitchen, nothing ordinary is ever chosen. A beautiful reclaimed gymnasium flooring is the perfect choice to finish this kitchen design. Multi coloured with heaps of character, this flooring provides the ultimate finishing touch for this eclectic room. An often overlooked element of a room, this flooring provides another focal point for this bright, bold design. Integrated Appliances- To ensure the kitchen remains sleek and it's clean lines are never compromised all appliances apart from the statement Rangemaster are integrated. This encapsulates the modern feel of the room, and also ensures that there are no focal points other than the intended features and that the focus remains on the bright, bold side of the kitchen. Feature Wall- Having a bright feature wall and bold coloured cabinetry on only one side of the kitchen really helps to keep the focus on one side of the room. This makes the kitchen seem more like it is one sided, with additional units on the other side of the room simply for utility. The room remains open plan but still with all necessary amenities included, meaning function isn't compromised for style. The bright colours of this room also allow the owners personality to really shine through. Lighting- Beautiful industrial style lighting complements the modern feel of this room, and ensures that every element of the kitchen is beautifully lit. Despite the room being compact in size, there is actually a lot of natural light due to the large windows and patio doors. This means that the room doesn't feel closed off, and the natural sunlight will bounce off the beautiful oak surface and the bright white marble worktop, making the room feel open and large. Project in collaboration with NK Design and Build, and Photography by Chris Snook. We hope you like this kitchen as much as we do, and enjoyed getting to look around it in detail. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for new pictures and updates from us!

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