The Naked Kitchens blog is the place where we celebrate all the highs, lows, and beautiful chaos of kitchen life.

Come on in for style ideas, expert guides, lighting, plants, recipes, and plenty besides, all from some truly fabulous and exciting guest authors.

Frameless versus In-frame kitchens: what’s the difference, and which should you choose?

Sep 28, 2023
When choosing your kitchen cabinetry there’s one key style decision to make: frameless or in-frame. Here’s everything you need to know… Read more

What Are The Benefits Of A Wooden Kitchen Worktop?

Aug 31, 2023
An expert guide to wooden worktops – including tips for caring for your surfaces… Read more

Splashback statements - an expert guide to choosing and using kitchen splashbacks

Aug 17, 2023
Here’s everything you need to know about kitchen splashbacks, and how to use them to style up your space… Read more

Kitchen ergonomics: 5 clever ways to make your kitchen design more efficient

Jul 27, 2023
How to apply some science to your kitchen layout and make it a more convenient, efficient and enjoyable space… Read more

What is a bespoke kitchen?

Jun 01, 2023
There’s an important distinction between a ‘bespoke’ kitchen and a truly bespoke kitchen. Here’s how to tell the difference… Read more

The kitchen work triangle - an expert guide

May 11, 2023
The kitchen work triangle design concept aims to make the kitchen a more efficient, ergonomic and enjoyable place to cook. Here’s everything you need to know… Read more

Choosing colours for your kitchen – an expert guide

May 04, 2023
Choosing colours for your kitchen is a mixture of science and art – and there’s a surprising amount to think about. Read more

The IKEA kitchen doors hack – adding high-end bespoke fronts to standard Ikea cabinet carcasses

Apr 20, 2023
The idea is brilliantly simple: to turn a standard IKEA kitchen into something that looks stunning using bespoke Naked Kitchens doors. Here’s how to do it… Read more

Small but beautiful: A complete guide to designing and maximising the space in a small kitchen

Apr 13, 2023
Small kitchen? No problem! Here’s how to create your perfect kitchen in a limited space… Read more
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