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So much more than a hole in a door, the Ladbroke kitchen door handle is a true masterpiece in its simplicity. Its sleek design and precise construction make it a delight to use, with a comfortable and secure grip and you can choose to complete the circular disc on the back of the handle in exposed timber or painted finish, giving you the freedom to express your unique style.

Featuring our Ladbroke handle, the rich blend of ochre and walnut tones throughout this kitchen help to create a feeling of warmth and timeliness inside your home.

Ladbroke doors

Styling your Ladbroke door

With a minimal, sleek handle incoroporated into the door itself, our signature Ladbroke door style allows for greater flexibility with customising your kitchen. You can keep the cut-out with a natural finish, creating a grounding, earthy feel, or you can choose from our range of colours (or choose your own!) to create a striking accent piece, or something neutral to blend with your kitchen.

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Questions & Answers


Do you fit?

We are just as happy to fit, or simply supply the kitchen for your contractors to take it from there. Many of our clients are undergoing wider renovation projects, so using the contractor or a local carpenter or fitter can often be the most cost-effective option.

We are now also offering a fitting service in Greater London and the surrounding area, so please enquire with your designer as part of your design consultation and we'd be happy to help!


Do you come on site to measure?

A final site measure is all part of the fitting service, but if you would like us to come and do a final measure if your contractors are fitting, that's no problem. Depending on the complexity of the space and the travel distance from either London or Norfolk, the site measure starts from £250. All we ask is that your room is ready for us!


Where can I see one of your kitchens?

We'd love for you to visit us at either our London Showroom or our Norfolk Showroom .


Do you supply appliances?

Absolutely. We work directly with lots of fantastic partners, such as Neff, Miele, Bora, Gaggenau, Siemens & Quooker, among many others. Find out more on our appliances page

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