Finding The Magic In Small Spaces

Working with compact spaces is something we're experts at here at Naked Kitchens. Whilst a spacious, open plan large kitchen is an amazing space to work with and we can create absolutely stunning kitchens, sometimes the real magic lies in creating a kitchen to work in the smallest of spaces. With concealed drawers and hidden storage in every nook and cranny, we can create a design that has function at its heart, but is also a truly beautiful kitchen. One of the main ways in which you can make the most of a small space is with storage: think pull out shelving, a wine rack in that few centimetre gap that would otherwise be wasted, islands with cabinet space on both sides, integrated appliances and many more options. Choose drawers with bespoke cutlery holders or custom peg boards to easily store your crockery and cooking utensils to save space in cupboards and keep surface areas clutter free. Larders are a large investment to make in terms of space, but the vast amount of items you can store in them makes them almost invaluable to a kitchen, and its easy to see why they've become so popular with our customers. Why not take inspiration from the Highbury Kitchen design and have a floating larder in a different area to the cabinets and create a functional feature piece in your kitchen. Photography: Anna Stathaki One thing that is evident in a lot of small spaces is the death of the dining table. Often not having the room for a large or even small table to dine on means having to be clever with the space you've got. Making an island your main dining area is a great option to overcome this lack of space. Add statement stools to your island to create a new interesting element in your kitchen, or extend your island worktop into a breakfast bar with neatly tucked away stools where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea in the morning. Offering a fully bespoke service, we're the experts in creating something to fit in even the most unique spaces. We don't ever work with standard sizes, meaning if you need a cabinet to fill that extra few centimetres, we're the company that can make it for you. Check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page for more pictures and information!

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