Storage Saviours

Here at Naked Kitchens, one thing that is really important to us, is to try and balance functionality with style. Whilst a beautiful minimalist kitchen with uncluttered worktops is a dream for many people, the reality is that you actually need lots of extra storage for every day items and you need to be able to access them quickly. As we are 100% bespoke, we can create any storage solution for your kitchen. Whether it be larders with extra drawers, pull out shelves in cupboards, wine racks, bespoke oak storage units or islands with sleek extra storage on each side. These all help to keep kitchen items hidden, meaning style isn't compromised, but ensures your kitchen remains as practical as possible. Traditional kitchens that have contemporary, clever storage solutions create a mix of modern and classic in the most practical way. By adding custom storage units that can be used to stash away your items allows you to make your kitchen completely unique, whilst making every day tasks that little bit easier. Miscellaneous items that don't seem to fit anywhere else can have a home, and you'll never be left fumbling around looking for items whilst you're in a rush. Having storage in the island means that your kitchen centre piece can be both the focal point of the kitchen but also a practical haven housing all of your essential items so you can easily access them when needed. If you are working within a compact space, having extra storage in the Island means you can get the most out of the minimal space you have. Our Boot Room is the epitome of elegant storage, and is tailored to whatever size or function your home needs. With clever design features, it has places for everything and space for everyone, meaning clutter is hidden away and your room can look mess free. Similar to our Dressing Room, our fully custom internal storage and chestnut leather handles mean storing items has never been so stylish. boot utility room Check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page for more pictures and information!

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