The Surrey Malthouse

The Surrey Malthouse is a project that we actually completed back in 2015. This kitchen is one of our larger contemporary kitchens that has some incredibly beautiful and unique design elements. Painted in two different, but incredibly similar shades of dark blue; there is no doubt that this is a statement kitchen. Beautifully framed and softened by Oak accents this blue kitchen remains calm and serene, and the perfect space to spend time in as a family. By incorporating every element except the large stainless steel appliances into a blue colour scheme, it ensures that the senses are not overwhelmed. The large Oak handles on each cabinet add the most incredibly luxurious warmth to this kitchen, with no chance of ever being lost on these bold cabinets. A statement in themselves, the Oak accents used throughout the kitchen add an incredible natural earthiness to what would otherwise be a very modern kitchen design. This also nods to the fact that this is the hub of a family home, ensuring it doesn't ever feel too contemporary and still feels very welcoming to anyone who visits. A central island wrapped in beautiful London Grey Caesarstone Quartz and Oak, this island is an eye catching feature that beautifully breaks up the large amount of blue cabinetry. As theĀ island is actually a lighter colour than the cabinets, by framing it in a bright white quartz it keeps the kitchen bright and actually helps to keep the kitchen feeling spacious and open, despite the tall cabinets down one whole side of the room that would potentially make the room feel closed in. Clean lines are created by the statement Oak handles in this kitchen which perfectly accentuates the frameless cabinets with slab doors. As this kitchen is actually in the lower floor of this house, by using Slab doors it ensures that as much light is reflected throughout the room as possible, as there is minimal natural light for such a large room. Blue Pendant Lights add a beautiful soft focus above the island, which is perfect for the dining area that has been created in the centre of the kitchen. As the room is so large, having a dining area ensures that the room is utilised and that the kitchen becomes a sociable area that is the hub of the home. Complimenting the clean lines of this kitchen are the sleek appliances. With minimal appliances on show, the large fridge freezer is subtly positioned in the large cupboard unit, meaning it doesn't look out of place or bulky in anyway, and ensures the kitchen remains as beautiful as possible. The large Rangemaster cooker and stainless steel splashback continue this sleek theme, and whilst being a different statement element to the kitchen, it still fits in beautifully. We loved creating such a statement kitchen, so why not check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to see more of the beautiful designs we have created!

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