Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

Get your dream kitchen with our bespoke worktops, including solid wood, quartz, and marble options, all perfectly matched to your cabinets.


Our bespoke kitchens can be paired with any worktop. You can go for one of our own in stunning solid wood or choose quartz, marble or any material you like. We can help you match cabinets and worktop finishes to create that kitchen you’ve always dreamed about…


Heat-resistant, virtually indestructible and very versatile, quartz comes in a range of shades and styles. It can look sleek and polished, or it can have a lovely natural finish with visible veins and marks.

Marble (Natural Stone)

People love marble kitchen worktops for that touch of luxury, and for the way the light just bounces off the surfaces to dazzling effect. But marble is also very practical: hardwearing and easy to clean.

Butcher Block (Timber)

Love that rustic farmhouse look? Butcher block worktops are just made for contemporary country-style kitchens – and for serious cooks. And on kitchen islands they look quite sensational.

Oak (Timber)

Our hard-wearing solid oak worktops are immensely practical surfaces – but they’re also visually beautiful. Nothing beats oak for that homely, comforting vibe, and it works with everything from Scandi minimalism to traditional Shaker styles.

Walnut (Timber)

Walnut is the richest and warmest of woody colours: it brings an instant sense of timeless luxury to a kitchen, and goes wonderfully with darker toned schemes


Experience the Naked Kitchens difference first-hand at our stunning showrooms. Explore the durability and functionality of our kitchens. Open and close drawers, feel the reassuring weight of the doors, and see how every element is built for life.

Questions & Answers


What worktops can we supply?

We can supply a wide range of worktops, including quartz, porcelain, timber and natural stone.


What thickness can a worktop be?

The most common worktop thicknesses for quartz and natural stone are 20mm and 30mm. Some worktops, like porcelain, can be supplied even thinner. Natural stone worktops can sometimes be thicker. If you want to achieve the look of a thicker worktop, it is also possible to mitre the edges of the worktop to make it look thicker.


What are the options for the wall (eg. upstand, splashback, tiles..)

We can supply the same stone or different stone to run up the wall, either just as a short upstand 100mm up from the worktop or as a statement piece, all the way up to the ceiling, and any height in between! Another option is to use tiles - we can't supply the tiles ourselves but can suggest suppliers.


How does the templating/fitting work?

Templating for a worktop happens after the rest of the kitchen has been fully fitted. Our worktop suppliers will then come to site to do final checks and measures, and someone on site will sign off the final dimensions and cutouts. The suppliers will then return to site 1-2 weeks later to fit the worktops, which they will do themselves.


What if I want a worktop that you can't supply?

Not a problem at all, you're very welcome to source your own worktop! We would just need to know the exact thickness of the worktop when we do the technical drawings for your kitchen, then would leave you to sort out the ordering and fitting of your worktop.


What is the difference between all the different materials?


Quartz is a man-made material, made up of ground up natural quartz which is then bonded together with resins. As a result, Quartz is very durable and is non-porous, so will not stain. There are also a wide range of colours and patterns available.


Porcelain worktops are composite materials made from a variety of elements which are bonded under extreme pressure and heat, meaning they are extremely hard wearing. Not only are they scratch and stain resistant, they are also resistant to high temperatures, so you can put hot pans down on your worktop.


For more information on our timber worktops, take a look at our parent company, Norfolk Oak. We can supply a range of timber worktops, including oak, walnut, iroko and maple, and can also supply butcher's blocks.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone covers a wide variety of materials, the common factor being that they are all, as the name suggests, natural! All natural stone slabs are also unique, so the exact pattern and colour will vary slightly from slab to slab. Different stones have different properties - marble tends to have very striking and beautiful patterns, but can be prone to chips and scratches, and is porous so will stain if not cared for properly. Granite and Quartzite are both very hard and dense, making them practical choices. There are also a wide range of other naturally occurring materials available as worktops - we would love to talk to you more about all the options as we work on your kitchen with you!

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