What is a bespoke kitchen?

The term is used a lot these days – but there’s an important difference between a ‘bespoke’ kitchen that’s really just an adapted standard kitchen, and a kitchen that’s truly bespoke and built to order. Here’s how to distinguish one from the other…

What does ‘bespoke’ really mean?

A bespoke kitchen is a custom-made kitchen that’s designed and built specifically to fit you – not just the physical space you have available, but your needs, your lifestyle and the way you and your family use the kitchen. Unlike standard or ‘made-to-measure’ kitchens, a bespoke kitchen is 100% tailor-made from the design and dimensions to the materials, colour and finish.  

The term ‘bespoke’ originally meant to ‘speak’ for something and it came to refer to goods that are made to an order (like Savile Row suits) as opposed to mass-produced. In recent times the term has been used more loosely, sometimes implying that goods or services are exclusive and unique when in fact the range of choices on offer is from a predetermined set of options. 

But when it comes to kitchen design, the ‘bespoke’ still marks an important distinction.  

What is the difference between a made-to-measure kitchen and a bespoke kitchen?

There’s an important difference between a ‘made-to-measure’ or semi-bespoke design, and a truly bespoke kitchen.

A made-to-measure kitchen is based on a set of pre-existing, ‘off the shelf’ designs, in a set number of sizes and styles, which are then adjusted to fit your kitchen space. This option offers a degree of customisation in respect of dimensions and door styles, materials and accessories, although the overall choice is limited. Meanwhile, a truly bespoke kitchen involves designing and creating cabinets from scratch to order, with completely customisable sizes and dimensions, fully tailored storage options and your choice of materials, colours and finishes to suit your home and individual style.

With Castle Mews, we made the most of the space, going wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with the design.

What are the benefits of a bespoke kitchen?

With a properly bespoke kitchen, every element from the overall flow and layout right down to the finer details is tailored to you. This brings a host of benefits, including:

  • A kitchen that works for you the kitchen is a hub of family life, used for everything from cooking and eating, to entertaining, crafting and home working. A bespoke kitchen layout and design will create a space that works for you and that you’ll enjoy spending time in.
  • You can think outside the box – with a truly bespoke kitchen you’re not limited to adjusting existing templates and looks: you can build something completely unique from scratch. At Naked Kitchens we can work directly with you ,with architects and interior designers to make something that’s all yours and has never been before.
  • Kitchen solutions that maximise both practicality and beauty – with a bespoke kitchen design you don’t just alter standard cabinets to fit the particular space, you can create beautiful new storage and cooking solutions that work with your home’s character and make the space sing. Things like small spaces, awkward corners, low beams, sloping ceilings and wonky walls can become distinctive features to embrace rather than problems to work around.
  • Attention to detail and guaranteed quality – building a bespoke kitchen from scratch for a particular customer naturally places an emphasis on craftsmanship, on the right choice of materials and on painstaking attention to detail – all of which tends to lift a kitchen space to another level and ensures that it lasts for life.
  • A unique space– at the end of the process, you will have a beautiful, unique space to enjoy, plus that special satisfaction of knowing that your kitchen is something that nobody else has…

A bespoke larder unit in our Blenheim kitchen, with spice racks, a space tower and built-in power for a small appliance

Bespoke kitchens by Naked Kitchens

At Naked Kitchens, we offer a fully bespoke kitchen design service, with each kitchen built from scratch to order. We can work closely with you or your architect or interior designer to understand your needs and preferences and make your dream kitchen a reality.

In terms of style, we have a portfolio of kitchen designs that many people like to follow for inspiration, but we really can create a new, unique design for you – whether that’s using unusual materials, creating custom kitchen colours, sourcing distinctive splashbacks or advising on light fittings.

We will precision-engineer beautiful units just for you, from custom built larders to clever storage solutions that conceal appliances. And with our cutting-edge technology, we can take an on-screen design straight to our machines, creating your bespoke kitchen more quickly and with a minimum of waste. (Find out more about our sustainable ethos here.)  

Naked Kitchens can make your dream a reality with a truly bespoke kitchen built just for you. Book a free design consultation here.

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